We offer licensed drivers to transport your residents for medical appointments.


We provide outpatient rides to and from hospitals with our non emergency medical vehicles


Providing rides to and from Rehabilitation Therapy when patients are not capable of driving


Providing service for miscellaneous needs such as grocery shopping, church, and social engagements.

We’re a transportation company empowering seniors and patients to have easy access to rides.



Be driven with the utmost comfortability that fits your budget by one of our professional and CPR certified drivers.


When you want to car pool and need a larger vehicle, our van option can fit a party of 7 while still allowing you to spread your legs.

Town Car

Take your experience to the next level with a luxurious town car that will meet your high end service needs.


Being able to cater to everyone is our top priority. Our Wheel chair accessible vehicles gives us the ability to put your safety and comfort first.

Core Values

  • Tailored for healthcare
  • Wheel chair accessible options
  • 24-hour customer care
  • 5 minutes on-demand request
  • Pre-booking ability up to a year
  • Personal drivers
  • Door to Door Service
  • Surge free (Flat rate)
  • Over 25,000 certified drivers
  • Driver tracking
  • Book online & mobile app
  • Call to request
  • Assisted request
  • Corporate account
Approximately 3.6 million adults miss or delay non-emergency medical care due to transportation barriers.
Book Online & App

Individuals can use our dedicated healthcare platform and mobile app to book a ride. They have the option of booking for immediate use or they can pre-book a ride for the future.

Multiple Options

We offer variety of vehicle options that meets your special needs. Our vehicle option ranges from regular sedan, minivan, town car and wheelchair.

Assisted Call Request

To keep it simple we also have the option of calling our concierge to book a ride for immediate or future needs.

Fully Managed

Management of the facility can be set up with a platform where they have the ability to facilitate and manage all of their resident’s rides through Flit.

Case Study

Transportation is one of the leading social and economic factors of the quality of health and well being of seniors today. Lack of transportation contributes to missed medical appointments, lack of independence, and social isolation.

According to AHA (American Heart Association) research has shown that 20 percent of health can be attributed to medical care, while transportation along with other social economic factors account for over 40%.

The population of the country that is 65 years and older is one of the fasted growing segments and access to transportation gives the ability to maintain a healthier life style.


We are here to ease the way you get to every doctor's appointments, rehab visits, daily errands and more.

Safety always comes first

Door to Door service is an essential value of ours that we prioritize. Assisting residents from their home to the car and then from the car to the doctors office ensures safety and comfortability.

Wheel chair accessible

We want to make sure that all residents can use us, even those who need a wheel chair accessible vehicle. Catering to the needs of each individual is what we pride ourselves on.

We always here to help

24 hour concierge means there is someone at Flit always there to help you. Not only can you call them with questions or issues but you can call them to book a ride as well.

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