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Flit helps businesses of all sizes facilitate transportation solutions for their employees and customers. Companies use Flit as their global ground transportation provider eliminating service inconsistencies among multiple vendors.

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CASE STUDY: Pokémon Company Event Transportation

600 Employees

2 Events annually

The Pokémon Company uses Flit event transportation service twice a year to transport over 600 employees from their homes to an event venue.

With our comprehensive experience in corporate event transportation, we gather their unique transportation requirements, use it to build the best transportation experience for Pokémon employees, ensure a successfully picked up from their residences, transported to the venue, and returned home safely.

Corporate Commuting

Flit offers a seamless corporate commuting service for business of all sizes. With our varieties of vehicles, your employees can benefit from Flit corporate commuting value for their daily commuting to work, executive assistant can schedule a ride for any employee, vendor, clients or interview candidates.

You can launch or manage your company employee commuter benefit program with Flit. Our interactive platform provides a breakdown of daily usage and monthly expenditure. Commuter benefits save both your company and your employees money.

Based on current legislation, your company can offer commuter benefits in the form of tax-free employer-paid subsidies, pre-tax employee-paid payroll deductions, or a combination of both.

You can provide this benefit to your employees as a substitute for taxable salary, as a supplemental benefit, or as a combination of the two, all while helping the environment.

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Global Corporate Transportation

We are here to solve the first/last mile problem in the travel industry and to close the loop on the customer journey. With access to over 25,000 global licensed drivers in 220 cities and 400 major airports.

Flit brings a sustainable mean for corporate travelers to seamlessly book the best fitting mode of ground transportation around the world using one enterprise account.

Flit only uses locally licensed drivers and providers that adhere to FlitWays’ strict quality of service, licensing and insurance requirements. Get access to 24/7 live agents are available to assist you throughout their journeys.

Update your trip details through your Flit App or Enterprise Suite or on the phone with our multi-lingual enterprise support teams in fully redundant call center in the US.

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Event Transportation

Is your year end party or group travel coming up soon? Let Flit transport the team to where they need to be safe and sound.

We have a unique ground transportation process that allows us to gather your transportation requirements and use it to build the best transportation experience for your group. Our process includes scheduling a meeting with you to gather your specific needs, our event transportation managers will facilitate the entire procedure and ensures that our drivers have all the information necessary to meet your unique transportation needs.

Email us [email protected] or call +1855-710-0915 ex 20 to speak with our event staff today.

Health Care Transportation

With our industry know-how, we take pride in making the process of scheduling non-emergency medical transportation a seamless experience for in/out going hospital patients, recurring doctor’s visits, clinic appointments, medical check-ups and more. We drive our medical patients with care and compassion by ensuring that patients are transported by our highly trained drivers with CPR experience.

Our drivers and support staff pay detail attention with medical reservations with mindset of that delivering our medical patients at the requested destination safely and on time.

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Executive Transportation

Give your executive staff the highest class of transportation with the Flit Class vehicle option. All our Flit Class vehicles comes with a professional driver that demonstrates professional & courtesy interactions, prompt, attention to details, well dressed and complimentary meet & greet in 440 airports.

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Stay Updated On the Go

Flit embedded technology helps travelers stay updated by delivering the right travel information at the right time to any device. Our curated tips notify travelers with messages that are related to specific segment of their trip, from driver details, vehicle ETA, real time availability and many others.

  • From our enterprise customers

    My professional experience with Flit so far it is the highest level of partnership with your replies always on a timely manner, I am very satisfied. ”

    Coelho Freitas, Global Director
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Enterprise Suite

Flit Enterprise Suite is an intuitive platform that allow businesses to take full control of their corporate ground transportation usage and expenditure. Our Enterprise Suite drives adherence to corporate travel compliance programs. It allows employee travel expenses go through one centralized reporting system (no individual receipts to process).

The Flit Enterprise Suite gives you the benefit of using Flit as your single preferred global provider eliminating multiple invoices from several vendors.

See some benefits:

  • Employees can request rides with one corporate account (online & mobile app)
  • Ability to set classes of service, budget, time of day and geographic limit by employee
  • Set up compliance for reimbursement and expense tracking
  • All employee costs go through centralized reporting system (no individual receipts to process)
  • Executive assistants can get real time updates
  • Dramatically less time spent processing invoices
  • Access to our 24/7 enterprise and multi-bilingual support staff

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