Flitways Deeplink V1.4.2


FlitWays deeplink allow users from third parties to automatically complete their booking directly on FlitWays system via web and mobile web.

Forward a request via HTTPS POST to search for FlitWays service.
Non Branded URL Format - https://flitways.com/api/link?key=PARTNER_KEY&pickup=PICKUP&destination=DESTINATION&pickup_lat=PICKUP_LAT&pickup_lng=PICKUP_LNG&destination_lat=DESTINATION_LAT&destination_lng=DESTINATION_LNG&trip_date=TRIP_DATE&&air_flight_number=AIR_FLIGHT_NAME&air_terminal_name=AIR_TERMINAL_NAME&traveller_first_name=TRAVELLER_LAST_NAME&traveller_last_name=TRAVELLER_LAST_NAME&traveller_email=TRAVELLER_EMAIL&traveller_country_code=TRAVELLER_COUNTRY_CODE&traveller_mobile_phone=TRAVELLER_MOBILE_PHONE&partner_logo=PARTNER_LOGO
FlitWays Branded URL Format - https://flitways.com/?key=PARTNER_KEY&pickup=PICKUP&destination=DESTINATION&pickup_lat=PICKUP_LAT&pickup_lng=PICKUP_LNG&destination_lat=DESTINATION_LAT&destination_lng=DESTINATION_LNG&trip_date=TRIP_DATE&&air_flight_number=AIR_FLIGHT_NAME&air_terminal_name=AIR_TERMINAL_NAME&traveller_first_name=TRAVELLER_LAST_NAME&traveller_last_name=TRAVELLER_LAST_NAME&traveller_email=TRAVELLER_EMAIL&traveller_country_code=TRAVELLER_COUNTRY_CODE&traveller_mobile_phone=TRAVELLER_MOBILE_PHONE
Request fields and values:
Name Description Format Example
key (required) Partner unique key string NBOLq1aFq4G5mt88R5COtGiqIlrwo
pickup (optional) The formatted address of the pick-up point string Albuquerque airport
destination (optional) The formatted address of the drop off point string West Mesa Airport, Albuquerque, NM
pickup_lat (optional) The latitude of the pickup address double 35.043333
pickup_lng (optional) The longitude of the pickup address double -106.612908
destination_lat (optional) The latitude of the destination address double 35.100184
destination_lng (optional) The longitude of the destination address double -106.669215
trip_date (optional) The pick-up date and time datetime (MM/DD/YYYY HH:ii AMPM) 09/25/2018 06:00 pm
air_flight_number (optional) Flight number string JDK1539
air_terminal_name (optional) Arrival terminal name string Terminal A
traveller_first_name (optional) Traveler's first name string James
traveller_last_name (optional) Traveler's last name string Smith
traveller_email (optional) Traveler's email address email [email protected]
traveller_country_code (optional) Traveler's phone country code integer 1
traveller_mobile_phone (optional) Traveler's mobile phone number phone 3108707082
partner_logo (optional) Your brand logo for Non Branded URL string https://flitways.com/img/flitways/logo-base.png
Example Deeplink URL:
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